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Warranty Information

Striker warrants that the supplied certified pre-owned firearms are free from defects in material, workmanship and mechanical workmanship. Within one year, Striker will correct any defect in the firearm for the original purchaser by repairing, adjusting or replacing, at SIG SAUER®'s option, with components of the same or comparable quality (or by replacing the firearm at a Striker store). option); provided, however, that the firearms be returned unloaded and the freight paid to Stryker at his office address.

This one-year warranty is void if the firearm has been misused, damaged (accidentally or otherwise), fired from manually reloaded, reloaded or unsuitable ammunition, fired with an obstruction in the barrel, damaged due to failure to perform reasonable and necessary maintenance. as described in the manual that came with the firearm, or if the firearm has undergone unauthorized repairs or any modification, including cosmetic. This one-year warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on any parts.

Subject to the foregoing, this one-year warranty entitles the original purchaser to repair, adjust, or replace the firearm or parts thereof solely to the original purchaser, and this right is non-transferable. No implied warranties are given here, and this warranty does not cover any accessories attached to or related to the firearm.

Under no circumstances shall Striker be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with this limited warranty.

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