semi-automatic pistol

This pistol is designed as a multi-calibre weapon, and thus its barrel, slide pin, extractor, magazine, magazine tube, and backstrap can all be exchanged and its calibre changed, as required for its occupational use.

The calibres it uses

  • 7.62×25 Tokarev
  • 9 mm Luger
  • 357 Sig
  • 40 S&W
  • 10 AUTO
  • 45 ACP

In details

The pistol’s frame is built from high-strength aluminium-alloy, which is protected by a hard anodized layer. The slide is composed of two parts — the slide itself and the slide pin, which is used for changing the calibre. The surfaces of steel parts have been treated using the Teniferace method, which guarantees that the surface layer is extraordinarily hard and tough.

The pistol has a newly designed take-down actuating mechanism that is faster, safer, and easier to use, enabling the whole take-down to be conducted while wearing gloves. To dismantle the slide from the frame, you simply move the slide slightly backwards, tilt the front part of the trigger guard forward, and then remove the slide forward. To assemble the slide to the frame, you proceed in the opposite order, simply mounting the slide into the grooves in the frame and moving it backwards.

The pistol has a newly designed safe hammer discharge with loading grips, allowing this operation to be conducted in full while wearing gloves.

  • Calibre
    9mm Luger
  • Capacity
    15 + 1
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Width
  • Barrel length
    110.2 mm

The pistol is equipped with an indicator of a bullet in the barrel chamber, whereby a small pin will slide out of the upper part of the weapon’s slide when the bullet is present, and this can be checked both visually and by feeling.

This pistol has a lowered grip, i.e. its barrel is considerably lower relative to the back of the hand compared to other similar weapons. This improves firing comfort and minimizes the rising of the barrel after firing, allowing for faster targeting and overall better handling of recoil when shooting. All of these properties of the SR 17 make it more accurate and easier to control.

trigger and
safety system

It uses a DA trigger mechanism. The trigger and safety system enable the user to fire immediately after grabbing the weapon and pressing the trigger if a bullet has been barrelled. In this system, the trigger may be used to release the charged hammer or to charge the hammer for the purpose of firing. Simultaneously, the trigger system is safe enough to prevent accidental firing during standard manipulation, when the weapon falls on a hard object, or when the magazine is pulled out.

This pistol has the magazine catch, slide catch, take-down element, and safe hammer discharge on the left side, making it easy to use this weapon intuitively. It makes possible using interchangeable backstraps to ensure a good grip for hands of all sizes. It also has a special rail on the frame for mounting tactical accessories.

semi-automatic pistol